Integration and collaboration for impact.

At Collaborative Marketing Solutions, we innovative marketing solutions, communications, and strategies for businesses including healthcare and life sciences, retail, education, customer service, IT, and more.

Sounds simple, we like it that way! But we’re different in important ways:

We provide programs and solutions for Consultation & Strategy, Recruitment, and Engagement, as well as deliver virtual communications platforms built on the latest technology to enable real-time collaboration around the world.

We approach things from a very simple process of collaborating with clients to uncover the cause of pain and frustration, and where we can add value immediately.

We nurture relationships with insight and results for true partnership, whether to hand off a specific product and experience or to execute a strategic plan and road map for long-term objectives.

The core of what we do – engagement – is rooted in our history…

We are born from content and compliance.

For example, we offer our clients the ability to recruit and nurture audiences in ways no one else can – meeting every compliant requirement for identification, targeting, and communications. Also, we provide a virtual meeting and event platform built on the latest technology to be scalable, secure, and flexible – trusted by global leaders for real-time communication with anyone, anywhere.

As your omni-channel collaboration partner, we are ready to help you with strategies that engage, influence, and innovate. 

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